As Starmobi , we believe that we can protect our place in the furniture market in Turkey with the continuous development and motivation of our qualified human power, and that we can protect our place in the furniture market in Turkey with the awareness that the most important value that brings us to the future and success is our human resources.

Since our foundation in the light of the principle of "giving importance to individual contributions", we regard working with a well-trained, dynamic, team-working spirit, evaluating creative power, initiative owner, open to self-improvement and a happy workforce that understands the privileges of working in starmobi as the main policy of starmobi human resources.

In our rapidly growing structure, we determine the basic principle of personnel selection and placement activity to give equal opportunity to people who have the knowledge, skills, and behaviors required by the job definition without making any distinction and without giving any privilege, and to provide them with the opportunity to progress.

We are among the most important objectives of all our colleagues in Starmobi, to increase their practical and theoretical professional knowledge about their duties, to gain new skills related to their duties, to increase productivity continuously by increasing the individual development of employees, responsibilities and initiatives towards progress.

If you want to be part of this family, apply for a job; send your resume to info@starmobi.com.tr